Friday, May 12, 2017

Voucher M1 has been Released

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UN Swissindo Indonesia

Voucher M1 has been Released

Starting from May 10th, M1 has released and ordered that copies of Voucher M1 be distributed to the people of Indonesia. Copies of Voucher M1 can easily be downloaded from its formal website or contact Swissindo representative officers in your local area.
Here are important messages as regard to the use of Voucher M1:
As soon as you have printed Voucher M1 on 80 gram A4 size HVS paper or received the copy from Swissindo officers in your local area:
  • Handwrite or type the required information on the Voucher M1 you have printed or received.
  • Attach your 3 x4 color photograph and thumbprint part of the photo in black or blue ink. This is to avoid illegal replacement of your photo
  • Eligible receiver s of Voucher M1 are those having Citizen Cards.
  • Fill in your name as per your name printed in your Citizen Card and your NIK. Leave Account Number blank. This will be filled by the bank officer.
  • After all required information details are completed, the Voucher M1 should be kept by respective citizen card holders.
  • Wait for further instruction from Honorable M1 Soegiharto Notonegoro, ST.

Issued on May 10th, 2017

Signed by M1’s Spokesman

Following up the instruction the volunteers have made all-out efforts to distribute copies of Voucher M1 to the people in their neighborhoods. They are willing to spend their own money to have the master copy of the Voucher M1 copied as many copies as possible.\


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