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Local Government of Pringsewu says UN Swissindo is illegal

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Prinsewu Regent States Swissindo is illegal
Meeting held in Prinsewu Regency Regarding Swissindo

Local Government of Pringsewu says UN Swissindo is illegal

Reported by R Didik Budiawan Tribun Lampung
TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID, PRINGSEWU – The local government of Pringsewu stated that UN Swissindo was illegal and the community was asked not to trust it. That was the result of the meeting held by the local government of Pringsewu as regard to the existence of UN Swissindo in Bumi Jejama Secancanan.
Head of Office of Nation and Politics Unity (Kesbangpol) of Pringsewu Regency, Ibnu Harjiyanto said that the meeting that was held was related to UN Swissindo. The meeting was held in the hall of Pringsewu Regent, Monday (5/6).
The meeting was attended by Vice Regent of Prinsewu, Mr. Fauzi, Secretary of Pringsewu Regency, Mr. Budiman PM, as well as elements of leadership from all Districts, and a number of UNS volunteers. A representative of OJK of Lampung Province Mr. Milado Poni also attended the meeting.
“The existence of UN Swissindo in Pringsewu Regency is illegal, and as regard to this, Circulation Letter will be issued to the community in order that they will not trust Swissindo,” said Ibnu on Monday.

In the meeting, the Secretary of Pringsewu Regency Mr. Budiman said that UN Swissindo had a program to distribute Voucher M1 to the community who have e-KTP.
Members of the Community who have got the voucher will be able to cash the voucher and ATM cards will be given to them. The ATM will then be used to draw the fund amounting to US$1,200 and US$600 every month.
Mr. Budiman added that the people who wanted to have voucher M1 are obliged to pay Rp.10,000 / voucher and submit a copy of their KTP and  a 3x4 photograph to be attached on the voucher.
 “UN Swissindo has already recruited 3,000 – 4,000 members in Prinsewu Regency,” explained Ibnu.

Reference: Tribun Lampung (Translated)


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