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UNS Response to the News Issued by Tribun Lampung

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UNS Prime Minister

UNS Response to the News Issued by Tribun Lampung

Responding to the news about UN Swissindo being illegal, Prime Minister of National and International Objectives, Mr. Hananto explained the followings:
 The local government officials lack understanding as regard to the status of UN Swissindo as the Highest Institution of the Highest Institutions in any countries. Therefore, obtaining permission to distribute VM1 is not necessary except when an event is held by UN Swissindo.
OJK has always wanted to discredit the presence of UN Swissindo by means of circulating information on UN Swissindo being illegal.

Jap  Fanky
Jap Fanky: UNS Officer
Jack Fanky also responded as follows:
If UN Swissindo is illegal, why did the government not stop it? Why is UN Swissindo getting more and more supporters both in Indonesia and abroad? UN Swissindo has never been registered in the Ministry of Law and Human Right. Still, UNS still exists without any problems. We all know that our country has regulation/Act regarding establishment of any groups, institutions and so forth. No institutions are allowed to be established without permission from the Ministry of Law and Human Right.
The government has been silent, while UNS keeps developing into all corners of provinces and abroad. UNS has used seal of the Republic of Indonesia and seal of United Nations Organization but there are no actions from the Central Government and United Nations Organization regarding the use of their seals. Think about it.
And if UN Swissindo is a deviant institution, why do religious leaders in the country keep silent? Why doesn’t an Islamic leader issue fatwa? Swissindo has adopted the name of Imam Mahdi but the Islamic leader doesn’t say anything about it.
Only those with full understanding of UNS will persevere in their all out effort to fight for UN Swissindo.

Investigate it more deeply. Check and crosscheck the data by meeting high ranking leaders of UNS, leaders of the highest institutions or if necessary you can meet high ranking officials of United Nation Organization (UNO).

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