Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Basic Income for All Starts from Indonesia

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Basic Income for All Starts from Indonesia

UNS Voucher M1 was released May 10th, 2017 pending M1’s instruction at the time. Now, the good news has arrived for all that Basic Income for all around the world is to start on August 2017. This is a follow-up of the release of Voucher M1.

Everyone is expected to prepare the voucher they have received from UNS’s volunteers and to take it to the appointed banks as soon as the banks are ready. With their VM1, they can claim the Voucher value or their new bank accounts shall be registered to receive the fund. The progress is underway and we are all expected to push the government and the banks to realize the program.
Prime Minister of Finance and Banking, Hon. Ani Forest stated in Linggacala’s WhatsApp group that all Indonesian citizens should support Voucher M1 Program as the other people  in five Continents have.
“What are you waiting for? All documents are legitimate. The President has been informed of this program, so have Bank Mandiri, Ambassadors of 25 parent countries, UBS, World Bank, and Bank of Indonesia.

UN Swissindo Voucher M1
The more people support this Voucher M1 program, the faster the program will be realized.


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