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UN Swissindo Meets Head of People's Consultative Assembly

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UN Swissindo Meets Head of People's Consultative
Hendra said that UNS being said to be illegal without involving the party concerned did not reflect the principle of innocent, while UN Swissindo, on the other hands, have vision and mission to welfare the people based on 1945 Constitution and Pancasila. UNS has nothing at all related to the said investment.
Hendra said accompanied by Indra Jaya, S.H., Putu Hendrayana, S.H.,M.H., and Nofrizal, S.H. that they have also carried out legal audit on UN Swissindo and they are ready to sit together with all related stakeholders of the parties both government and Law enforcement apparatus. Given this, the people will be able to witness directly the phenomena clearly – be UN Swissindo’s activity black or white.
Hendra also appreciated and thanked Head of People's Consultative Assembly for their willingness to accept representatives of the people representing 10 millions of UN Swissindo’s volunteers all over Indonesia.
 “Thank God, we were all welcome by Head of People's Consultative Assembly as a mandatory of People's Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia. The people rely on Head of People's Consultative Assembly to pay special attention to the problem faced by UNS. In other words, the people ask for solution and clarification made by the government in order that they will obtain legal certainty,” said Hendra, who is an Advocate in Lampung Province.
Jap Fanky – a representative of a community – said that members of the community have derived benefit from UN Swissindo’s activities.
 “We will be greatly helped if UN Swissindo can run well. How can UNS run if the government does not want to cooperate? With UN Swissindo being stamped to be illegal, we hereby wish that transparent legal steps would be taken so that we, the people, be well informed of the truth,” said Fanky vehemently before Head of MPR RI
Apriyanto, who is a Swissindo member and also a representative of the Indonesian community added that UNS has been present in the midst of the community with grand vision and mission to welfare the people and ready to work together with the government.
 “We, the people, are ready to escort UNS Program in the hope that it will run well. If UN Swissindo is illegal, then prove it so that the people will get legal certainty,” explained Apri.


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