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Post 18-08-2017 Reaction to Outright Rejection of VM1

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Post 18-08-2017 Reaction to Outright Rejection of VM1

August 18th, 2017 has passed. Nothing happened. No one could register their VM1 to Mandiri Banks for the bank rejected and said there was no cooperation or contract signed between UNS and Bank Mandiri. Many who came to the bank to register were disappointed and blamed UNS for this situation.

Long before August 18th, 2017 OJK had warned people to be careful and not to believe what was promised by UNS. Even some local governments rejected VM1 outright! They stamped UNS as an illegal organization that will disturb the community.

Is it true that UNS an illegal organization? From what has been apparent since the organization was introduced by its officials and volunteers, yes it is! But it is not necessarily an illegal organization. If it is, the authorities would have detained M1. So, do not jump at the conclusion yet. Do not look at the negative points only – Promises made by M1 that has never proved and many other lies and fake documents. In fact all of these things are prepared on purpose. Look at it from how the government has oddly been quiet regarding M1’ action. No legal actions are charged against him. This means that M1 is really something – not the one with crooked mind as some people denounced in the mass media.

It’s all behind the screen. No one has ever seen M1 shake hand with the President. No one has. But behind the screen, the communications are held. The truth is strictly hidden and what we have witnessed is all made up so that people will think that is all crap.

It is not known why M1 has created all of this confusion. But his sole purpose is to set humanity free of long lasting burden. Few people took notice of what he said in Kendal speech. He said he asked an Angel he met if it was the right time for him to free humanity. The angel answered NO, it was not the time. The conversation between the Angel and M1 was a sign that Heaven on Earth was still awaiting. We are not sure when the promised Heaven on Earth becomes reality.

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