A Look at the Progress of Bocimi Toll

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A  Look at the Progress of Bocimi Toll

Jakarta - Part of Section 1 of Bogor-Ciawi-Sukabumi (Bocimi) Toll was planned to be operated this December. The section was the one that connects Ciawi and Caringin along the 7.3 km.

Based on the data of BPJT (Indonesian Toll Road Regulatory Agency) received by detikFinance, Tuesday (7/11/2017), the toll that restarted its construction last June 2015 has progressed to 56.06% for the overall 15.35 km in section 1. The progress is actually slower than the target plan 72.9%. Meanwhile, land acquisition has reached 95.57%.

Overall, Bocimi toll has a length of 54 km. This toll was divided into 4 sections, namely section I along the 15.35 km from Ciawi - Cigombong, section II of Cigombong - Cibadak along the 11.9 km, section III of Cibadak - West Sukabumi along the 13.7 km and section IV of West Sukabumi to East Sukabumi of 13.05 km.

In the initial phase, Bogor-Ciawi-Sukabumi (Bocimi) toll road segment to be operated soon is section I from Ciawi to Cigombong, the Ciawi-Caringin segment along 7.3 km by December 2017. As for the remaining section from Caringin to Cigombong, it will be operated in March 2018.

Whereas section II was scheduled to be operated in May 2019, and the remainder in October 2019.

This toll road will connect Jagorawi Toll Road and Sukabumi-Ciranjang. The toll road carriageway was located on a hilly area with an elevation of 400-600 m above sea level.

For information, the original Toll Road Concession Agreement (PPJT) had been signed in 2007 by Bukaka Teknik Utama Consortium. The consortium at that time consisted of PT Bukaka Teknik Utama 35%, PT Graha Multitama Sejahtera 32.5% and PT Karya Perkasa Insani 32.5%.

In 2011, there was some change in the shareholders’ structure. Bakrie Group became the controlling shareholder of PT Trans Jabar Tol. The composition of shareholders at that time was Bakrie Toll Road 60%, PT Marga Sarana Jabar 25% and PT Bukaka Teknik Utama 15%.

By 2014, MNC Group acquired PT Bakrie Toll Road, which was a subsidiary of Bakrie Group controlling 5 toll road segments including Bocimi. Bakrie Toll Road was renamed MNC Toll Road. Since then, the control of Bocimi's toll had officially changed hands from Bakrie Group to MNC Group. But, even during that period, the toll was still abandoned in the end.

It was only in 2015 that PT Waskita, through its subsidiary Waskita Toll Road gradually took over the ownership of toll-roads controlled by MNC Toll Road. In February 2015, the project was accelerated up to this date. Currently, it was known that Waskita’s ownership of shares in PT Trans Jabar Tol - the operator holding the Bocimi toll road concession - has reached 99.99%. While the remaining 0.01% was owned by the Workers Co-op of PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk.



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