Anglo Waterfall of Pesawaran Regency

Air Terjun Kaliawi
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Anglo Waterfall of Pesawaran Regency

The waterfall of Anglo or of Kaliawi in Gunung Rejo Village, Pesawaran Regency is one of the tourist destinations in Lampung Province. You will never end up exploring tourism resorts in Pesawaran Regency as there are always places you can visit, one of which is this scenic waterfall.

This waterfall has three names: Anglo, Kaliawi, and Gunung Rejo. It is called Anglo because according to the tale, this waterfall is located in Anglo village. The name of this village is said to be given by Dutch Colonists.

It is called Kaliawi waterfall because it is located in Kaliawi backwoods.
It is called Gunung Rejo waterfall as the village is also called Gunung Rejo village. Whichever names you use to call the waterfall, local people understand which waterfall you are referring  to.

This water fall is one of tourist destinations, which was opened at the end of 2016. The fund to build the waterfall to be suitable for tourism was collected by the local community. It is now managed by village-owned business unit of Gunung Rejo.

How to get there:

You can start your trip from Duta Wisata Beach of Lempasing. Follow the asphalt road until you reach Sari Ringgung Beach resort, then continue past Ketapang seaport, Klara beach and keep going until you reach Way Ratai District. Then continue until you find T junction. It takes approximately 2 hours by car. All types of cars are possible here as the road to the location is asphalted and smooth. Distance from Duta Wisata is 45 km. Use Google map to help you find the location.

As additional information: Pesawaran Regency was established on November 2, 2007 based on Act No.33 of 2007 regarding the Formation of Pesawaran Regency. It was initially a part of South Lampung. Pesawaran is rich in farming natural resources, plantation and forestry.

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