Condong Island (Pulau Condong)

Pulau Condong

Condong Island (Pulau Condong)

Lampung is geographically located on the northern tip of Sumatera, so you will definitely find a lot of beautiful sandy beaches and some unique small islands challenging you to explore them. One of the small islands is called Condong Island located about 5 km from Pasir Putih beach, South Lampung.

Peta pulau condong

How to get there:

Condong Island is reachable by boats. It takes you about 25 minutes from Pasir Putih beach. The beauty and serenity of the island is so fascinating that it deserves to be included in list of tourism destinations in Lampung Province.

If you start your trip from Bandar Lampung – the capital city of Lampung province – you can go by minibus to Panjang and continue with another minibus. The best way is to rent a car, so you can get straight to Pasir Putih beach resort. From  Pasir Putih beach resort and you will find boats for rent. Discuss with boat owners if you want to be picked up to return. Normally visitors rent the boats for return trips. Most boats can accommodate about 10 people. If possible, haggle over the boat rent (it usually costs from Rp.150,000 up to Rp.250,000.—for one way. It may cost more depending on the season.)

On your trip from Pasir Putih beach resort to Condong island, you will be having a spectacular view of the sea. As far as you can see, only beauty of the ocean can you enjoy. So, on your way to get to Condong island, you won’t feel bored just looking around.

Condong Island is one of the most dependable small islands, which is close to Pasir Putih beach. Its clear greenish blue water with small colorful fish swimming around freely and calm sea waves as well as not too deep sea bottom suitable for snorkeling.

What you can see and do on Condong Island

After you reach on Condong island, there are a variety of activities you can do –swimming, snorkeling, diving, and participating in out-bond and rock climbing while enjoying the view of hunting wild small monkeys on the island.

Indeed, Condong island offers you a very beautiful view of the nature with a row of Merbau trees, Waru and Ketapang – spectacular beach vegetation forest not outwitted by underwater view of Condong island. You shouldn’t miss out on this.

Condong island is also a romantic place for couples to enjoy sunset from western side of the island. All mentioned above makes Condong island a favorite tourism destination for visitors within and outside the city as well as foreign visitors. Ask your family to spend a get-away-from-it-all holiday here.

Administratively, Condong island belongs to Tarahan Village, South Lampung. There are no permanent inhabitants on the island, and this tourism resort is still managed by the local people. Boat renting to Condong island is also fishermen’s side jobs.

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