Granite Stones of Tanjung Bintang

Granite Stones of Tanjung Bintang

Granite Stones of Tanjung Bintang
Tanjung Bintang, South Lampung, is a district where tourists can pay a visit to overlays of well-arranged and naturally formed granite, which has become one of tourism destinations.

This site was once popular among local visitors in 2007 until 2008. It became the most popular, where visitors flooded this granite resort, located in an easily accessed area near the Rubber Plantation.
Irresponsible visitors doodled on some of the stones because the caretaker passed away. The care-taking was returned to the management of the rubber plantation and until now no one has been appointed in charge to protect the stone.

Those who have adventurous spirit may find it special when visiting the granite location. The huge granite that stretches wide looks as if it challenges them to come on top; in fact from the top of the stones you can have a spectacular view of the surroundings – the green of huge rubber trees and the beauty of the nature – and feel the cool air while sitting on the stone.

It is recommended that visitors to the granite stone location go to the site in the morning as the location is in the center of the plantation where few people live there and the access in the plantation is not good. So, if anything cropped up, it would be easy to get help from nearby people.
Before you visit the area, make sure you bring enough to eat and drink as there are no people selling food or drink in the area.

Granite Location
It is located in the middle of vast Rubber Plantations of PTPN VII Afdeling Bergen, Purwodadi Dalam, Tanjung Bintang district, South Lampung. It is 30 km from Bandar Lampung City. Make sure you get permission from security guards who may be on duty as the rubber plantation is not for everyone and the site is owned by PTPN VII.

How to get there:
Take Jl. Pangeran Antasari – Jl. Tirtayasa – Jl. Sutami – Pasar Pal Putih of Tanjung Bintang. Then turn right into the village of Purwodadi Dalam. The asphalt road to get there may consist of pot holes in some area, so do pay attention to the road along your journey.

Road Condition:
It is aggregate-covered road within the rubber plantation, so be on the alert while driving through the rubber plantation. However, the beauty of the nature and fresh cool air do make up for the bad road condition.
One thing you also should know is that granite stones existing in the rubber plantation is not intended for tourism resort; so once again make sure you get permission from officials in charge of the plantation.



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