International Surfing Competition of 2017, Tanjung Setia Krui

International surfing competition

Jakarta ( - One more of fierce waves in Indonesia is ready to be tested and challenged by world surfers. Tanjung Setia beach located in West Coastal Regency of Lampung will become Krui International Surfing Competition of 2017.

Bali was previously the second home of the world surfers as various types of waves exist in Bali like small waves suitable for beginners and big and fierce waves for professional surfers. No wonder if Bali is considered heaven of surfers.

Never look down on the waves of Bono in Kampau River, Riau, currently acknowledged by the world surfers as one of the miracles. Surfing is usually done on the sea, but here it is done on river.
Nevertheless, the height of the waves can reach 4 - 6 meters and the length of waves can extend to more than 300 meters so that this nature’s phenomenon makes travelers and world surfers curious to vie to conquer them. Bono is different from other places as its location is on the equator. So, its waves are fast, long and have difficult character.

It is West Coastal Regency of Lampung, which has the longest coastal line reaching 210 km and has many surfing areas. There are said to be 21 surfing spots, among other things are Ujung Bopur, Karang Nyimbor, Way Jambu, Mandiri Beach, Labuhan Jukung and Tanjung Setia Beach.

"The waves of Tanjung Setia beach are said to have one of the best waves in the world by the world surfers. Its waves equal those in Hawaii or world-class waves," said West Coastal Regent, Agus Istiqlal at the opening of International Surfing Championship in Krui in 2017 on Tanjung Setia beach, West Coastal Regency, Lampung, on Saturday, April 15th, 2017.

Diving locations on Tanjung Setia beach are also considered to be legendary by diving enthusiasts. "Those locations become one of the places to be visited by thousands of tourists every year," explained Agus.

Ministry of Tourism regards it important that an event in West Coastal Regency is held as an alternative of surfing heaven and at the same time introducing the beauty around it. This is exactly as explained by Assistant Deputy of Foreign Tourism Marketing Strategy of Tourism Minister, Ratna Suranti. "This becomes historical momentum for West Coastal Regency of Lampung holding International Surfing Competition of Krui Pro 2017 (QS) 1000," said Ratna.

It is said as historical moment, she added, because this competition is the first international surfing competition held by World Surf League (WSL) in Krui, West Coastal Regency of Lampung. Ceremonial hitting of Gong was the sign of commencement of International Surfing of Krui Pro 2017 in Tanjung Setia beach, Lampung.


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