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M1 Voucher Issue in Central Java

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M1 Voucher Issue in Central Java

Image Credit: Detik News
Jakarta - Finance Service Authority (OJK) has banned UN Swissindo's activity that has given illegitimate promises to the society that their debt will be relieved. Its modus operandi was to sell M1 certificate claimed to be able to pay off people's debt.

Central Java is one of the locations of the fraud target of the company having an office in Cirebon. The certificate or Human Obligation Voucher that can be used to repay the debt can be downloaded from the website or the people who need the voucher are "charged" under the pretext that the charge is for printing cost.

"Based on the analysis made by the investment-alert task force, that is deception. Some of the people even bought the voucher, the amount of which you can ask Swissindo," said Head of Regional Finance Service Authority of Central Java and the investment-alert task force for Central Java, Moch Ihsanuddin to DetikFinance, Thursday (24/8/2017)

In its modus operandi, holders of such voucher worth US$ 1,200 or 1566 Million IDR could cash it from Mandiri Bank. As regard to the source of the fund, Swissindo claimed that he has a large amount of legacy from the First President of Indonesia, Soekarno. "It is said that Swissindo has the legacy from the first president of Indonesia. Those having the voucher can cash it," he explained.
OJK had made an effort to socialize it before the voucher-cashing date, August 18, 2017, promised by Swissindo. Nevertheless, there were still several victims who came to Bank Mandiri in Kudus and Pati to ask about the truth of the voucher.

It goes without saying that the vouchers cannot be cashed as the vouchers are illegitimate. Police of Central Java did not investigate it as no one reported it to the police.

For your information, Swissindo's activity has been banned by the investment-alert task force and its leader, Sugihartono alias Sino, had signed a letter of commitment that he would cease the voucher distribution as he had no official permit as per the regulation and Laws.

Sino also apologized for having made the people restless and he has promised not to repeat it. He also hopes that the people should be on the alert if there are similar offers on behalf of UN Swissindo.

Source: DetikNews

As regard to the above-mentioned news, no one from Swissindo seemed willing to argue regarding some statements made not being true and needs further clarification from Mr. Sino himself.
The followings are possible arguments that should have been made by Swissindo as soon as the news was released.

Paragraph One:
M1 Voucher was not to be sold to people. People can get it for free. If the people were charged to get the voucher, it should have been reported to Mr. Sino. This couldn’t have happened if Swissindo  had officially announced that  the voucher was for free.

Paragraph Two:
Swissindo was not to cheat people. Its target is to distribute M1 Voucher throughout Indonesia for FEE. Swissindo is not a company as mentioned in paragraph two. Human Voucher Obligation was intended for people’s monthly basic income – not to repay the debt. The debt shall be automatically written off by the banks if the government approves the agreement. No fee shall be charged for the voucher.

Paragraph Three:
No fee shall be charged to get M1 Voucher as stated by Head of Regional Finance Service Authority of Central Java and the investment-alert task force for Central Java.

Paragraph Four:
Mr. Sino should make a written statement regarding this matter to be issued to the public.
Paragraph Five and Six:

It was a possibly fatal mistake made by Swissindo to have issued the M1 voucher prior to the Government’s Agreement. If the government had agreed, the voucher issue wouldn’t have happened.

The last two Paragraphs:

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