Who actually built Borobudur Temple?

Borobudur Temple

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Who actually built Borobudur Temple?

KH Fahmi Basya: Borobudur Has the Potential to Islamize the World

Jakarta, Aktual.co: The author of "Borobudur dan Peninggalan Nabi Sulaiman" KH Fahmi Basya is certain that the unveiling of the mystery of Borobudur Temple that describes the history of prophets has the potential to islamize the world community.

"The attractiveness of Borobudur Temple outsmarts Painting of Monalisa, and other historical buildlings existing in the world. The people of the world will swamp Borobudur to see the fact that Borobudur explains the truth of Holy Quran; so it is not relics of Buddhists," said KH Fahmi in a seminar on the Turning Point of Borobudur Temple, held in Bogor, West java.

In the book of "Borobudur and the legacy of Prophet Sulaiman" KH Fami Basya succeeded in unveiling the fact that Borobudur Temple was very closely related to the history of Prophet Sulaiman, whom he believed became King in Saba located in Indonesia.

"All was revealed in the interpretation of the Holy Quran," he said again.

He mentioned that Borobudur Temple consists of two buildings -- the lower part was built by Prophet Sulaiman himself with the help of his conquered jinns and the top part was the building of Saba Queen that was moved to the temple at the speed of light.

The fact that he unveiled is based on his 35-year research.

In his book, he explained it in detail. The scientific evidence that Borobudur is the legacy of Prophet Sulaiman can be found on the figures carved in relief, one of which is the history of Prophet Yunus who was thrown off the ship into the mouth of a big fish.

Then there is a relief that describes Prophet Sulaiman and Prophet Daud (his father), and history of Saba Queen, who lifted her long skirt because she thought the floor was a pool.
The author said that there were 40 exact proofs clearly explained in his book. One of the strongest uncontested proofs is the finding of a golden letter made by Prophet Sulaiman that reads "In the name of God, the all-merciful and the all-compassionate" in the bathing pool of Saba Queen in Sleman region, Central Java

KH Fahmi hoped that the Government of Indonesia can review the findings and facts that he unveiled so that there will be an expedition that proves that Borobudur Temple is not the relics of Buddhists.
According to KH Fahmi that since Van Erp publicized Borobudur Temple as the relics of Buddhism in 1917, the minds of the people of Indonesia seems to have been soldered as if the temple was relics of Buddhists.

"I can prove that Borobudur is not the relics of Buddists - there is no proof of the relics of Buddhists on Borobudur, no figures in Borubudur relief proving that it is the relics of Buddhists," said an expert of Islam Mathematics.

KH Fahmi mentioned that the government should protect the Temple because based on his findings, the world community will visit Borobudur.

The community may have visited Borobudur just to look around and take pictures of themselves with background of Borobudur. However, he continued, the fact that he unveiled can be used as proofs of the origins of Indonesia.
The fact found on Borobudur Temple shows that Nusantara or Indonesia constitutes Country of Saba, which is understood as a country of heaven and becomes one of the verses in Holy Quran.

KH Fahmi said that it is necessary to provide Act concerning Strong Material Test to protect the existence of Borobudur Temple so that when a big wave of visitors will not destroy this most valuable legacy.

Another message that contains in his findings, according to KH Fahmi, is that Nusantara is a Country of Saba, which is a duplicate of Heaven.
If this understanding is planted to students by their teachers since their childhood, this will grow feeling of pride and soul of nationalism toward Indonesian nation

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