Earthquake Shakes Banten

Jakarta -Earthquake with 6.1 Richter scale shook Banten. The earthquake was also felt to be quite strong in Bogor.

"In Cimande, Bogor, we felt it and was startled," said detikcom reader, Aminatussadiah, who wrote the comment in detikcom, Tuesday (23/1/2018).

The earthquake was centered at 81 km west of Lebak, Banten. This shake was also felt in Cikarang. "West Cikarang was also affected by the earthquake," said other detikcom reader, Joni.

Many readers of detikcom around Jabotabek also sent testimonies that they felt the effect of the earthquake. One of the readers explained that the earthquake was shaking very strongly, causing the bridge of Transj Stop to shake strongly.

The earthquake was so strong that it made a number of employees at office buildings rush out of the building. The hanging lamps in Ombusdsam RI were shaking, and the floor rattled; all employees and guests were evacuated outside the building," said the commissioner of RI Alvin Lie in his statements.

BMKG (Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics) confirmed that the earthquake that shook Banten and its surrounding, including Jakarta would not have the potential to cause tsunami. "The earthquake occurred at 6.4 Richter scale (at the first five minutes) was centered 81 km southwest of Lebak, Banten.  "Update 6.1 Richter Scale status”, said Daryono, Head of Information and Earthquake of BMKG, in his statement, Tuesday (23/1/2018).

Daryono said that the earthquake, based on its depth, was caused by activity of Flake Subduction of Indo-Australia, which pushed  Eurasia flake downward in South Banten.


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