Sumberjaya Hilltop Rest Area

Masjid Jami Amnatul Jannah
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The road starting from Bukit Kemuning (North Lampung) until Liwa (West Lampung) is winding sharply and always making motorists feel very tired and sick.
Lots of motorists when they get too tired to continue, stop over at the nearby rest area of Bumi Skala Brak located on top of the hill not far from the main road.

When you pass through this road and it is the right time to do the prayer, you can also do the prayer at the beautiful mosque called Sumberjaya hilltop mosque next to the rest area. The weather is cool and you can enjoy the view of breathtaking mountainous surroundings.

The mosque is not too big but its inner ornamental design is fantastic. Your praying can be of full concentration due to the comfort and cleanliness of the mosque. Stretching out your legs just at the back of the mosque is recommended for those who feel tired after a 4 to 6-hour long journey from Bandar Lampung city.

Not far from the mosque, there are a few food stands where you can buy something to drink – coffee, tea and other soft drinks as well as snacks.
The rest area is so beautiful and suitable for those who love photographing. There are beautiful spots that you take a photo of and if you are good at photo taking, you can make the mosque as if it were on the sky.

 Your 4 to 6-hour trip from Bandar Lampung to Liwa is certainly very tiring but the beauty of the hill and scenic paddy fields and surroundings finally pay it off.


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