MTB News,Bogor  - Bocimi Toll Construction located in areas of Cijambu, Cigombong District, Bogor Regency has caused problems for the farmers and the community of Ciburuy Village as their rice fields as a mean of their living can no longer produce harvest well due to the rice fields being disturbed and the irrigation capacity being inadequate for rice field areas resulting in the farmers having lost.

47 ha rice field areas cultivated by the farmers usually produce harvest well in every hectare. But now the harvest remains in their dream because of the inadequacy of water for irrigation.

This meeting was held in the hall of Cigombong district (6/2/2018) between the farmers and representatives of toll contractors facilitated by the district and village government of Ciburuy.

According to H.Jaka, head of farmers’ group of Silih Asih, the negative impact of the toll construction was the decrease in irrigation capacity for their rice fields. Besides that, the water’s quality was poor, which was felt by the farmers.
At the same place, Hari, one of Ciburuy residents also explained that many harvest failures occurred when it was nearly time for harvesting, there was shortage of water, so our harvest failed and we lost due to the shortage of water caused by toll road construction carried out by PT. Wasksita.

The same statement was also made by Ismet, BPD of Ciburuy. “We failed the harvest for three seasons due to the clogging of irrigation channel causing shortage of water for our farming land. Therefore, we demanded the toll contractor to normalize the irrigation channel quickly to compensate the loss suffered by the farmers for three seasons,” confirmed Ismet.

Meanwhile, Head of Ciburuy Village Iwan Sofwan Zaqqi explained that during the construction activity, the contractor(s) has never coordinated with the village government until the farmers suffered a loss, especially the community of Ciburuy Village, and I, as head of the village, am in full support of the community demand that this issue be quickly settled by the contractor(s) because rice fields are their means of living,” he explained.

Highlighting this matter, head of Social Community Body Buchory as the agent authorized by the community stressed that regulation has first to be clarified regarding compensation or policy; we are representing farmers’ group. All has to be returned to the applicable regulation how compensation to the farmers regarding 47 ha farming land affected by the toll construction is given as per the government regulation,” explained Buchory.

Meanwhile, representative of PT Waskita Karya, Yanto refused it as the water had flowed but not it was not in maximum amount. And as regard to compensation for the farmers’ loss, he said he would submit the request to the owner – PT Trans Jabar Tol ( TJT ). . (RK) 



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