Rajabasa Bus Terminal Bandar Lampung

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Rajabasa Bus Terminal
It is a bus terminal in Bandar Lampung City said to be one of the biggest and busiest bus terminals in Sumatra Island.
It is located in the northern part of Bandar Lampung City on Jl. Z.A. Abidin Pagaralam, Rajabasa District, about 7 km from the center of Bandar Lampung. Located nearby are Lampung University, Ramayana Mall, and Public Work Office just opposite it.
Rajabasa Bus Terminal was built by Local Government and will be developed to support its operational function. Right now Rajabasa Bus Terminal is not as unsafe as it used to be.

Destination Cities:
The buses from this terminal take you to your destinations – other cities in Lampung Province such as Kota Agung in Tanggamus Regency, Metro City, Kotabumi, Menggala, Unit Dua, Liwa, Krui, Bakauheni in South Lampung and many more cities in Lampung Province. To travel to other places within Bandar Lampung City, you can take mini buses or BRT Buses.
Facility in the Terminal
In addition to restaurants including street vendors, a mosque is also available. Waiting halls, clean public lavatories are provided for passengers.
Operating Hours
5 pm is approximate closing hours unless you wish to travel to Jakarta via Bakauheni Seaport, the bus service is open until 8 pm.


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